Just When I Thought My Day Couldn’t Get Any Better….

I love today! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I check the mail and find no bills, but lots of goodies:

I love the Civil Wars. Let me say that again….I LOVE THE CIVIL WARS!!! They are my favorite band to come out this year and their debut CD, Barton Hollows, has been on constant rotation on my iPod, in my car, and at work. I was so excited to open up my mail box to see them on the cover of my new Relevant magazine. AHHHH!

Not only did I have an amazing mail day, but I also had an amazing track workout tonight. Ok, well as amazing as a track workout can be;-) I am meeting so many great, inspiring people. The motivation and encouragement that I am receiving from fellow run campers has been so abundant. I really feel that the program and incorporating the track is helping me become a better runner. I am slowly, but surely seeing results. I have said it before, but I find it so true: I love that running gives back to what you put into it.

Now if that wasn’t enough to put a big smile on my face today, I came home from my workout tonight to find my man in the kitchen. Joe is an amazing cook and he can make even the simplest of recipes just that much better. He made me THE BEST BLT! And…..he made homemade biscotti. SCORE! Biscotti are my favorite, especially when paired with a great cup of coffee.

Am I a Lucky Lady or What?!

Ok, I am off to enjoy one of these yummy-yummy goodness. CHEERS!

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2 thoughts on “Just When I Thought My Day Couldn’t Get Any Better….

  1. I have never heard of the Civil Wars, but I’m always up for new music so I’m going to go sample some stuff right now! Also, your man needs to give my man some kitchen tips. I don’t get biscotti, I get “can you make me a margarita?” while he’s playing video games.

    • He may cook, but he sure as hell doesn’t clean! Lucky me had to do all the dishes:-P
      Hope you enjoy the tunes – I love the song, “I’ve Got This Friend” by them….so good!

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