Well, My Intentions Were Good

Where did this three-day weekend go?! I can not believe that tomorrow I have to head back to the daily grind. Ughhh…

The positive side of this is that I do work much better when I am on a schedule. This weekend I had a whole list of things I wanted to get done, and I maybe crossed off three items. I did get my wedding invites out. Check. I did start (but not finish) my excel spreadsheet for the RSVPs for the wedding. Sorta check. Oh, and I did hang out with my pup!

My Baby

We chatted over some wine on Saturday night and went to for a nice long walk today. And of course we snuggled. Of course!

Unfortunately, that was as far as I got on my TO DO list. Why? Well…this maybe had something to do with it….

Cheap Wine

Oh, and then there was spending ALL afternoon and half the night on the boat….

I'm on a boat

It’s safe to say that my well intended TO DO list went out the window. Oh, and so did my well intended run that I was supposed to have completed today. I think all of the cheap wine and the hot sun left me a wee bit dehydrated and lazy today. Merr….

Well tomorrow is a new day and a track workout is on the agenda, so back on the saddle I will go! I had an amazing holiday weekend and fun was had, but I really need to focus. 60 days from today I get married! And I am hoping to do not one, but two half marathons this fall so I need to stick with my training plan.

Ok, it’s GO TIME! What are some things that help you stay on track with your goals when life gets busy and summer fun gets in the way?

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