Keep On Keeping On – Training In Full Swing

Despite all the crazy weather last week (and by crazy, I mean HOT and HUMID as all get out!) I did manage to get some runs in. I took it a little slow, especially early in the week when the temps were in the triple digits. I finished the week strong with a nice 10 mile run. This was the first run that I have done of that distance since the Borgess Half Marathon this past May. It went surprisingly well and I felt pretty strong through it all. It gave me a little more confidence that my legs and endurance are getting stronger.

This morning I ran 3 miles before work. The rest of the week my plan is as follows:

  • Tuesday – Track Workout (1 Mile Warm Up, 2 x 2 Mile Tempo Interval with ¼ Mile Recovery, 1 Mile Cool Down)
  • Wednesday – Rest (Joe’s Birthday!)
  • Thursday – 4 or 5 miles
  • Friday – 2 or 3 miles
  • Saturday – 11 miles

We will see how it goes! I really need to incorporate some strength training into my routine. I will sometimes do a 20 minute upper-body or lower-body strength training workout video, but I am never consistent.

NEW GOAL: More consistent strength training.

I am also having toe issues :-(

I know with distance runners, blisters and calloused feet are par for the course. But, boy oh boy – it hurts! I even (gulp) lost my pinkie toenail. Ughhh. So gross! Anyone else have these issues and how are you dealing? I mean I have some really cute heels that I need to wear!

Ok, that’s all for today. My Netflix is calling, more specifically Friday Night Lights is calling.

You can’t say no to Tim Riggins!

Has anybody else watched this show? Are you in love with it  obsessed with it as much as I am? 

How did your training go this past week? What do you need to add to your routine?

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4 thoughts on “Keep On Keeping On – Training In Full Swing

  1. Nice start to your training despite the crazy weather. I lost my first toenail last year and it was gross. I read that it’s a rite of passage for runners. No thanks! It’s sandal season!

    My training is going great. Stronger than ever! But, I need to add speed work into my workout plan without adding an additional day of running.

  2. I lost my big toe nail 3 days before my wedding on the beach! Talk about bad timing. I always have bruised toenails but rarely do they fall off. To my surprise, when I got my pedicure, they were able to give me a fake toe nail! They saved my cute feet in the sand wedding photos!!!

    Congrats on double digits! I’m going for 10 this weekend!

    • Ahhhh….runners and their feet! I realized that my feet are beyond my control, so I am going to get a pedi too. I am going to apologize profusely to the whoever does it and make sure that I tip her well!

      Rock that 10 mile run this weekend:-)

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