Embracing the Busy Season

Whew. Life is getting busy. In 34 days I am marrying my best friend.

I am so unbelievably happy to be his wife. I mean, when I think about it I can not wipe the smile off of my face. For the last five years this man has been my biggest supporter. My number one fan. My best friend. My love. I can not wait to be his Mrs.

That said…planning a wedding is stressing me out! Let me just be blunt here and say that I sometimes think that I would rather eat chalk than plan a wedding. Yep, that about sums it up. I think I am missing that gene that woman are supposed to have to love this stuff. Uh-oh. You see, I would have been fine eloping. But Joe was not hearing it. I think his response was something along the line of, “I’m Italian. Our social calendar revolves around two things: weddings and funerals.” Oh, that’s great. So a big fat Italian wedding it is.

That’s ok. I can do this thing. A wedding you want my manfriend, a wedding you will get.

But you see, planning a wedding is like a full-time job! It’s a crazy, crazy industry I tell ya.

And you know what else takes a lot of work? Training for a big race.

The difference is that I

actually ENJOY running:-)

I know that this is just a season and I am trying to embrace planning for this special day of marrying my love and training for the fall half marathon. (Seriously, how do you marathon training brides do both?!) It is all about finding a balance. For example I have three bridal showers. Yep, three. I am overly humbled and blessed that people want to shower us with gifts.

For Me?

This made all the ladies say “Ohh, Ahh!”

Next up is the bachelorette party. And it’s pirate themed. My friends rock.

I had to get out a pirate translator to read the invite!


Arr! you scallywags and rapscallions. Your fellow mates: Esther ****** and Mandy ****** are inviting ye to celebrate Amanda’s bachelorette party. Below are the details of our plans to splice the main brace!

 We shall meet at the Crack of Jenny’s Tea Cup between 12p-1p. Saturday, August 20th at Radisson Hotel, Kalamazoo, MI.

 We will head towards the ship at 1p. Esther and I are providing some Clap of Thunder, but it is BYOS(spirits).  From 2p-6p we will head on our voyage on Gull Lake and splice the main brace. I’m sure many of us will be looking pretty grog blossom by the end of the day, therefore upon our ships arrival at the port, we will head back to our hole to dance the hempen jig and rest before dinner. 

 Fandango is reserved for 8:30p and then we head out onto the town to carouse and get Amanda loaded to the gunwalls. After Sangria at dinner, we’ll all be quite squiffy by this time as well 

 Please smartly rsvp to********** by August 10th so this ship can set sail!

Ahoy Matey’s!

Yep. Coolest invite ever. My maids rock.

Me with my beautiful Maids of Honor

On top of all the wonderful celebrations, there is also a mile long list of things to do. You know: flowers, favors, table charts, thank-you notes, meet with the DJ, meet with the wedding officiate, meet with the baker, yada, yada, yada. Never. Ending.

So yeah, it has been a little tough to find time to run. Early morning works best. (And a bonus that I get to beat the heat!) But as I get into my longer runs, even though I am doing them early, I am quite tired after. And yet I must keep going. For example I had an 11 mile run this morning. Then after I had a bridal shower. No rest. One to the next. Whew.

Let’s talk about this run shall we.

It was a PERFECT morning for a run. I woke up to a clear sky and 68 degrees. I will take it and thank you.  I met with my Summer Safari run group at 7 am sharp in Plainwell, MI and we set out to tackle the country roads. I usually run with someone, but my usual running partners were not there today. Even though there were around 75 or so runners, we were all going different distances and were different paces. I kind of got a late start due to my GPS trying to find a signal. When I finally got out there I realized that I was gonna tackle this run without a talking buddy. No worries. I had a new playlist that I just downloaded last night and this song may or may not have been on it:

So my goal was to run the 11 miles and come in at the 2 hour mark. However, I wanted to go out, do my best, but not be a total slave to my GPS.

So I just ran.

Here is how it went down:

Mile 1 – 10:39
Mile 2 – 10:24
Mile 3 – 10:45
Mile 4 – 10:18
Mile 5 – 11:03
Mile 6 – 10:39
Mile 7 – 10:06
Mile 8 – 11:04
Mile 9 – 10:32
Mile 10 – 10:36
Mile 11 -10:00

11 miles in 1 hour and 56 minutes at a pace of 10:33 per minute.

This is good! I am feeling confident that I can bring my half marathon time down from 2:28 to 2:20. That is my goal for the fall half marathon.

I just want to keep getting better.  I want to be the best runner that I can be.

I felt good through most of the run. My quads started to feel the burn around mile 8, as you can see with my 11:04 pace. I wasn’t going to let the burn take over and win, so I  started to focus on my goal and push myself. I was so happy when I finished to see that I did in fact finish those 11 miles in under two hours.

Even though my body wanted to crash when I was done, my mind was so excited to see all my friends at the shower. I think that is what the next few weeks are going to be like. Long runs, with lots of stuff to do after.

And as much as running is a very important part of my life right now, I know that it will be a very important part for a long time. However, I only get married once. So that 13 mile run scheduled on the day of my bachelorette party might have to be moved to an earlier time. I need to embrace this season, not let it wear me out.

This is a good time in my life. I am out there running like I never believed I could and I am marrying a man who I love with every fiber of my being. It doesn’t get much better than that. Oh, wait. It does! I also get to dress as a pirate for my bachelorette party. Ahhh. this is the life.

Tell me, have you ever trained for a race during life changing time in your life? How did you balance everything?

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5 thoughts on “Embracing the Busy Season

  1. Oh how I feel your pain!!! I got married in May 2010. I was training for a half-marathon, finishing my last semester of grad school, working full time, and planning our wedding. I don’t know how I did it, but I did. I think the running kept me sane. I did get really sick a few days after our honeymoon though. I think my body finally had enough.

    Enjoy your celebrations! And Congrats on your awesome run!!!

  2. Thank you so much!
    It’s amazing how when I am out there running, that’s when I sort thru my mental to do list, recharge my soul, and take time to savor the moment of everything!

    You are a powerhouse to tackle everything you did:-)

  3. Great job! Isn’t a good feeling to enjoy your runs and actually look forward to them! I know exactly how you feel – I did the same thing last May. Although, I actually signed up for races to keep me from getting to involved/annoyed with wedding planning! Either way, rock it and have a great time!

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