Pinterest Addiction and Running Partners

I am going to be honest with you. I have been too busy wasting my life away stalking Pinterest this week that I have not actually done much running. If I am being completely honest, I have had lots of tummy issues that have kept me on the couch and close to the bathroom, but I promise you I will not get into that for your sake. Pinterest though, that I can talk about.

Is anyone else addicted? I know that I can not be the only one. The website has even sucked my husband in. You log on and the next thing you know an hour has gone by and all you have to show for that time is an inspiration ‘board’. I keep telling myself that since Joe and I are house hunting, that I am merely doing ‘research’ for great ideas for our future home. (Queen of justification? Maybe.)

Here’s a little inspiration that I found on Pinterest:

Frame for a flat screen TV:

 Shoe organizer (I SO NEED THIS!):

Clever jewelry display:

DIY curtain rod and fabric bookshelf:

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The website has a plethora of ideas and inspiration. Just be for warned: pinning is addicting!

Ok, back to running. Last night I went for a short jog through the neighborhood with my handsome husband and our pup Rogan. I love the man dearly, but he is not my favorite running partner. He’s too speedy, too chatty, and gives too much ‘advice’.

For some reason though, the man loves to torture run with me. He is constantly asking, “Can I run with you?”  I usually tell him that I prefer to have some ‘me time’, but every now and then I give in and will give him a few miles of my time.

It took a few trail-and-error runs for us to be able to pound out a few miles without wanting to kill each other. For example, we found that we can only do shorter distances together because I have to run faster and he has to run slower to get at a pace that we can agree on. For a few miles this is fine, but anything longer this pace would not cut it. I also had to ask him to cut down on his advice and cheerleading. I know that he is coming from a sweet place, but I was not always taking it that way. I often get annoyed when he tells me to “Give it all you’ve got!”…, hello. I AM!

The funny thing is that cheerleading and advice from my real run coaches and run groups are always welcomed, but from the man I love the most I tend to get a little sensitive. Interesting, no?

You tell me: Do you have a hard time running with your significant other? Or have you ever had a running partner that you did not mesh well with?

Also, are you addicted to Pinterest or another time-sucker website?

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12 thoughts on “Pinterest Addiction and Running Partners

  1. Pinterest…yes it is a lovely time waster for me as well. I do however love the pins you just posted! I love the jewelry display & those are some great ideas for around the house! :) (See, you are not alone in your addiction)

    I have the exact opposite scenario as you and your husband with my boyfriend. I kind of wish he was a little bit of a faster pace so we could run together. But basketball is his thing, so I guess it is good we both have something we are good at.

  2. I have intentionally NOT joined Pinterest because I’m scared I’ll get addicted. I have so many things that are a time suck to me, I don’t need another one. But DANGIT if that jewelry frame thing isn’t an awesome idea.

    My hubs hates running like the plague so he doesn’t run with me. I’ve seen him run to get in front of a buffet line though.

  3. OOOH, you are speaking my language. You nailed it. I DO get sensitive when it’s my man giving me advice. Wow, I never looked at it that way. Sensitive is the perfect word for it.

    Y’all are so cute!! And I want that DIY jewelry thing. I got you on Pinterest:)

  4. This post makes me laugh! I’m totally addicted to pinterest too! and although my husband doesn’t run, we do try to bike together sometimes. We have the exact same dynamic. He always tells me to “dig deep” and I want to punch him in the face :) with love, of course.

  5. I’m a “cat” (solo) runner for that very reason – I feel like it’s too much pressure to talk…or not talk. Or keep on going. Or anything, really. I’m really impressed that you guys attempt it, but I think I would be a fail-fest all over the place.

  6. Ok, that’s not even fair! I just see my productivity taking another hit lol

    It took some time for me to adjust running with my wife. She’s a run/walker, and it turns out I was pushing her way too hard. It took so adjusting, realizing that not everyone runs because they have a goal. Some, like her, run just to get the blood flowing and to enjoy the fresh air.

  7. 100% addicted. But I must say they have great motivational quotes and fitness items to keep you going! Its just another sweet indulgence that doesn’t cost you calories!

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