Winter Running Gear

I was really hoping that the snow would hold off for another month or so (wishful thinking?), but not the case. Today Kalamazoo had the first snowfall of the season.

Ready or not, I think winter has decided to make an appearance. I had planned on running tonight, but all of my winter running gear is packed away and I have yet to switch my closet for the season. I was losing daylight so I took my snow loving husky pup for a walk instead. It was freezing!

Whether I like it or not I need to get used to Mr. Old Man Winter because last I checked, I am not heading south anytime soon. So how do I tackle running in this stuff? It is all about the gear my friend. Here are some of my must-haves for Michigan Winter Running:

  • Yaktrax: Have you ever bitten it on the ice? Not fun. Michigan roads are icy in the winter and yaktraxs are ice grips worn over your running shoes to prevent you from slipping and sliding. They work great! I swear by them. I just don’t feel safe running on the icy roads without them. (retail $30.00)


  • Manzella Women’s Hatchback Glove: I LOVE these gloves. I have horrible circulation issues and often have cold hands and feet. These wicking gloves keep my hands dry and warm. And the best part? The awesome windproof convertible hood that you can pull over your fingers for extra protection. I also like that they have a reflective trim that makes it easy for people to see you on those early morning or late night runs. (retail $29.99)


  • Nike Tech Tights: Buh-bye tempo short, hello running tights. I like Nike tights because they are super comfy and durable. (retail $65.00)


  • Nike Element Shield Running Jacket: I have yet to break down and purchase this coat due to the hefty price tag, but I hear that it is the mother of all winter running jackets. I am still browsing and trying to decide on what coat to purchase, but whatever I decide having one to stay warm on those snowy runs is a must! (retail $175.00)


  • Brooks Nightlife Reflective Vest: A little dorky? Yeah. Super safe? You bet. It is important that you are seen out there on the road and throwing this vest over your running jacket will make sure that happens. (retail $20.00)


  • REI Running Buff: Do you own one of these yet? If not, you should! Super flexible (you can wear it over your face or ears, make it into a hat, ect.), these help keep you warm on those cold, windy days. Another bonus: they come in lots of fun colors and patterns. (retail $20.00)


    What is your favorite winter-weather running gear? Do the elements keep your workouts inside or do you like to get outside and embrace the weather?

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    6 thoughts on “Winter Running Gear

    1. Fav winter gear… lululemon gloves. Very similar to the Nikes you have up there. I love them – I even wear them while commuting to work! I’m about to sign up for a March half marathon, so i might need to invest in some of those yaktrax! Do you actually run on ice, without fear, while wearing them? What about socks? I haven’t legit trained in the winter before – I feel like I’d need thicker socks?

      • I wear the yaktraxs on ice and they work great…invest, you won’t be sorry!
        As for socks, I like the thicker smartwool ones for the winter. They keep my feet really dry and warm. I think as long as you are dressed properly, winter running is a lot of fun!

    2. I refuse to believe that winter is here.
      Excellent choices in terms of running gear. I find that socks make a world of difference. I have RunningRoom winter running socks. Great for keeping your toes tosty warm on those freezing winter runs.

    3. Yaktrax! Need to get these — but also am kinda afraid of them, like that I’d twist an ankle somehow with them. Though I’d probably be in WAY worse shape without them on the snowy icy roads this winter huh?

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