Running With Rogan

Meet my fur-baby, Rogan Furlove. He is absolutely spoiled rotten and is pretty much the center of my life (well, next to Joe of course).

I was never really much of a dog person until Joe gave me Rogan for my 27th birthday. It was love at first sight. Now I could not imagine my life without a pup.

I love snuggling him, playing fetch, and coming home from a long day of work and  being greeted by a wagging tail and puppy kisses. But there is one thing that I do not like to do with my husky:

And that is take him running!

Usually Rogan gets all of his running in with Joe, but tonight Joe had to work late. I came home from work and after changing into running clothes and synching up my GPS I noticed that I was getting the look. You know, the one that says, “You are not going to just leave me here are you?”

 It’s hard to say no to this face!

I gave into the puppy-dog eyes and decided to take him along.

Bonus of taken Rogan running with me: he makes me feel safer. My neighborhood is not the worst, but it is not the best either. When it is dark out, I tend to feel not as safe. Rogan is a nice sized dog, and maybe if you did not know him well enough he could look a little intimidating. The reality is he might lick you to death, but a bad guy on the street might see him and think otherwise.

Feeling safe is the only positive that I can come up with! Running with Rogan is annoying at best. First off he is fast! He is a sled-dog by nature and boy can he run way faster than I can. I would say that running with him would be great for speed-work, but then there is the fact that he likes to stop abruptly to mark his territory. Like every two minutes.

It was hard to get into the rhythm of the run. Usually I like to settle into my pace and focus on my breathing and relax. But tonight I was all over the place. I often felt like he was taking me for the run, not the other way around! Needless to say, we did not stay out very long. From here on out, I think I will stick to walking my fur-baby and leave Joe with running duty. Much more enjoyable. Oh, and taking him for a car ride. He loves those!

 Do you have a four-legged running partner? Do you enjoy running with man’s best friend?

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7 thoughts on “Running With Rogan

  1. I love my dog Brodie to death but when it comes to running he stays at home. I usually take him for his own walk 4-5 times a week so he does get ‘special’ time all to himself.

  2. I have a Siberian as well and I also don’t like running with her. She’s entirely too spastic with all the pull-really-hard-NO-WAIT-MUST-STOP-RIGHT-NOW back and forth. She’s tolerable once she’s worn out, but by the time she’s worn out, the purpose is defeated! Ugh.

    At least our dogs are gorgeous. :)

  3. Rogan is adorable! We do not have ANY pets, but do love the idea of a furry running buddy, even though it sounds like the experience is quite different in practice.

  4. Rogan is such a gorgeous dog! I can’t have a dog yet as I’m still renting places and moving from internship to internship as I finish up grad school, but I can’t wait to get a lab someday and take it on all of my runs with me!

  5. This made me laugh out loud! Our dogs might not look a like, but they sound like twins. I really don’t like running with him, but those puppy eyes get me every time. And then he sprints and pees and sprints and pees. My husband skateboards with him. Alex pulls my husband – they go 14 mph. NUTS!

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