February Friday Favorites

Good morning blog world, happy Friday to ya! I la la love me some Friday. (Who doesn’t right?!) To start the weekend out on a positive vibe I have compiled my Friday Favorites for your reading pleasure…ENJOY!

  • The blogging community: To everyone who took time to read my post yesterday on pace, I thank you. I loved reading all of your encouraging thoughts and hearing what you had to say. Your support, knowledge, and positive comments never cease to amaze me. Thank you blogging community, I heart you!
  • Edy’s Frozen Yogurt: I feel so indulgent eating spoonfuls of this, but at only 100 calories a serving I have nothing to feel guilty about. And I wish they were paying me to say this, becuase I would shout it from the roof tops. SO GOOD! (This coming from a woman who does not have a frozen yogurt shop within a 100 mile radius. True sad story.)
  • Lululemon Run Pace Setter Skirt: I own nothing by the wildly popular Lululemon. I just can not justify the price. But I swear that my heart skipped a beat when I laid eyes on this skirt. It speaks to me. As in, “Amandaaaaaa, buuuuuuy meeeeee….” I am trying to be strong, but I can envision crossing a finish line wearing this baby.

  • Princess Charlie: My niece is on the road to recovery and rocking crowns! I can not even put into words how happy it makes me to see prayers being answered.
  • Fun. – We Are Young Featuring Janelle MonĂ¡e: This song is so darn catchy! On repeat in my world.
  • Mossimo Womens V-Neck Tee: I picked up this t-shirt at Target a couple of weeks ago and I love it. Super soft, comfy, and still looks great after a few washings (some Target clothes always get pilly or faded on me). Oh, and the price is only $10. I want to go back and pick up a few more.
  • Jelly Belly Sports Beans: I am a Gu girl, but a fellow runner let me try a few of her sports beans on a run this week and I really liked them! How could I not, they taste like candy! I am not sure if I would fuel with them all the time, but I might experiment with them some more.
  • This is How I Roll: This my friends is my favorite Pinterest find of the week. And the best part is that you can put it on a t-shirt!

Other Friday favs include getting my car back today! She has been in the shop since my fender bender last week and I am so excited to have a set of wheels again! (Yes, my car is a ‘she’. Her name is Sally the Stratus. What?! You don’t name your cars?)

Now your turn! Tell me some of your Friday Favs…what are you listening to, eating, reading, or wearing that you can’t get enough of?!

Do you name your cars?

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5 thoughts on “February Friday Favorites

  1. LOVE your faves today! Especially the part about your niece – what a TROOPER, and she looks so darn cute with that crown on!

    ALSO – I am dying to try the sport beans, when I start ramping up my training, I’m totally looking forward to trying those suckers, I think even my husband (very picky) will be into them!

    And finally – your car is back, yay! Mine? From SEVEN weeks ago, still not back, crazy right??
    Happy friday friend!

  2. LOVE that song. It set my mood on Tuesday, and I posted about it. :)
    I’m not at the stage where I need fuel during my runs, but when I get there, I’ll definitely be asking you about the good stuff.

  3. SO great to hear that little Miss is doing better!

    I haven’t seen the lulu skirts, not sure how I feel about running in skirts, they remind me of skorts from the 90s, lol.

    Digging the tunes!

    Enjoy your ride this weekend. Honk honk!

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