One Month Countdown

The countdown is on! One month from today I will be running my very first marathon. I am BEYOND excited :-)

I have no idea what to expect on race day, but I do feel prepared. I have put in months of training and with only two more long runs to go before my taper, I feel almost ready to get out there and see what 26.2 is all about.

But I still have some work to do…

I invested in some new kicks this week and now I need to break them in. These are the shoes that will carry me across the marathon finish line:

I also have to get the BIG 2-0 training run out of the way. 20 miles. Wowza. Even driving twenty miles seems far, I can not believe that my legs will carry me that far. It is an awesome thought and it will be even more awesome to experience it….tomorrow morning!

Yep, I am waking up bright and early to tackle this baby. I even have my party favors all ready to go:

What else do I have to do before race day? Well plan my race day outfit of course! I just purchased the Lululemon Turbo Run Shorts and I am in la-la-love. So comfy! I think that they will be making a Kalamazoo Marathon race day appearance…

I just love the zip pocket in the back. Perfect for storing extra fuel!

I also need to update my iPod playlist, but I am having a hard time because I can not seem to find anything new that is actually any good.

I know. First world problems at its finest.

I still have a month to figure it all out. I am all open for music suggestions and what sort of tank-top I should pair with my Turbo Run Shorts!

On another note, a very dear friend of mine named Daelynn has started a blog called Little Miss Magic. She is currently training for her very first half marathon. Go and give her some love and encouragement! She would be oh-so-happy to hear from you :-) 

This is Dae. See, she is full of love!

Are you counting down to any races? What kind of music do you love running to? How far in advance do you plan your race day outfit?

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9 thoughts on “One Month Countdown

  1. LOVE lulu run shorts!! aren’t they the best?! good luck with your 20 miler today! I can’t even fathom…you are a rock star!! (I’ll check out your friend’s blog!!)

  2. KNEW you’d love the Lulu run shorts!! They are my absolute FAVE. I can’t wait to buy more for spring/summer training weather! I am SO excited for your marathon — and love how excited and energized you are about it. You are so ready for this – particularly mentally, I can sense that, totally. So, so cool.

  3. I have goosebumps for you. This is fantastic – so proud of you. Those new kicks are cute — bonus.

    I just bought my mom a Nike running skirt and she loves it. Loving these shorts too.

    Keep up the training – you’re going to crush 26.2.

  4. So excited for you!!!!! Nothing compares to your first marathon. If you haven’t yet, I’d really recommend watching “The Spirit of The Marathon” a documentary that follows a group of people as they train for the Chicago Marathon (and it follows a few elite runners like Deena Kastor). It gets me hype before running every marathon! :-)

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