Mandy Moore Miles Please, A Tale of 22 Miles

Can I whine for a minute? Why yes I can. This is my blog after all. Ok. Here it goes.


Here is a piece of unsolicited advice:
When and if you train for your next marathon, do not buy a house that needs more face-lifts what Joan Rivers has.

Packing, refinishing hardwood floors, painting, taking a bazillion trips to Lowe’s and Home Depo, working 40+ hours a week, and fitting in all of your training runs is impossible tough. Eating a balanced meal when all of your pots and pans are packed away and you are trying not to buy any groceries so that have less things to move is impossible tough. Oh, and the act of actually moving…finding a day to take off from all said activities to move your entire life’s belongings from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ is …well… impossible tough.

{Insert Mental Breakdown Here}

When I am faced with anxiety and chaos I do several things:

1. Count my blessings

2. Take deep breaths

3. Acknowledge that it is just a season

and finally

4. Realize…

When life gets tricky, you just have to roll with the punches. For me, this meant skipping Run Camp on Saturday and moving my 22 mile (last long!) training run to Sunday. I was worried that without Run Camp’s support, I would not be able to pull off this run. Luckily two other runners from my group, Christine and Teresa, had to push their run back also so I had partners for my Sunday mission.

We set out at 8am sharp and decided to run 11 miles out on the Kalamazoo Kal-Haven trail and then turn around for our 11 miles back. I awoke that morning to lightning, thunder, and downpouring rain but it cleared up almost as on cue for our 8am departure time. Overcast, gray, and humidity took its place.

22 miles can not only be physically daunting, but mentally daunting as well. Even when you are in great running company. If it weren’t for two very awesome friends of mine, Rachel and Allison, surviving this run would have been a lot more challenging than it already was.

Rachel and Allison showed up every two miles for the full 22 mile run. They parked Rachel’s Land Rover and stood outside with the hatchback open offering gummy shark candies, gatorade, water, Gu, kleenex, and insane amount of moral support and cheering.

I may just name my unborn children after these two heroes of mine. For real. To wake up early the morning after their long 20+ mile run to come and cheer us on for hours…well, that is just a whole lot of selfless awesomeness in my book.

Rachel even had personalized water cups for each of us. I love mine. Even after my long 22 mile run, I have saved it to drink celebratory beer out of.

How could I have a bad run when I was being hydrated from this?!

Quick recap of my last LOOOOONG run before taper:

  • The first few miles were tough. It took a bit to adjust to the humidity and find my groove.
  • I was SUPER hydrated thanks to my hydration-station rock stars. In fact I had to pee not once, not twice, but three times. So maybe I was a tad too hydrated.
  • My new shoes are finally a perfect fit! I wore them and my feet thanked me.
  • Pain reliever at mile 11 was a great idea.
  • I ran the first 11 miles and then Galloway-ran the last 11. Still not sure what I will do on marathon day, but I most likely will incorporate this method for a good part of the race.
  • Valuable lesson learned: Body Glide can sweat off. Ouch!
  • Was I sore when I finished? Yes. Did I feel like I still had 4.2 miles in me? Yes. Maybe. We will see on May 6th.

Overall, I felt pretty solid and strong and I am happy that I went ahead and did a 22 mile training run verses the 20 mile run that the training plan called for. I think it is a mental thing. I did not use my GPS for pace, but instead set it to distance. I wanted to take the time pressure off and run by feel. Maybe I just did not want to get discouraged with my time like I did on my 20 mile training run. This run the victory was strictly in the distance.

That’s a wrap on my weekend long runs! I have 10 on the agenda this Saturday, 6 next Saturday, and then it is race time. 17 days people!!!

Now if only I can fit in time for my weekday training runs. And they said taper would be hard…

Tips and tricks for balancing life and training? Leave me a comment!

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9 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Miles Please, A Tale of 22 Miles

  1. GREAT job on the 22 miles girl! I have been wondering how it went. Sounds like you had a great group of running buddies to get you through it! You absolutely have what it takes to make it to that finish line. Believe that you have it in you and you will do it! Try to enjoy these taper weeks and scaling back the miles. Keep your head pumped up with positive energy. Most of all trust your training. Life happens. I have learned that first hand but you just have to keep it movin’ and keep smilin’ through it. You have put in the work and are ready to dominate this race! I am super excited for you! :-)

  2. You have SUCH awesome friends!!! I love how they came out to support you like that!! I wonder if any of my friends will do the same for me when I’m nearing my last few long runs for the marathon tihs fall. (something I STILL can’t quite fathom!!). I am so proud of you, YET AGAIN, for powering through another long, long, loooong training run — and 22 miles at that!! My training plan will include one 22 miler as well, for the mental boost more than anything. I think it’ll really help on race day to know that I ran “only” 4.2 miles shorter than this for a training run, so maybe 26.2 will feel *slightly* less daunting in that moment.

    Stay strong these next few weeks, especially in light of how crazy everything ELSE is in your life right now. Hugs my friend!

  3. EEEE! You are a rockstar! Seriously! I know I say it in every comment, BUT I CAN NOT WAIT for you to run your marathon!

    You have amazing friends too! What a support group!

  4. Wow, what a great support system!!! 22 miles…wow, mentally daunting probably even more than physically (or at least a tie! LOL). Awesome, awesome job!!!!

  5. What a cutie pie cup!! So sweet of your friends to do that. I am seriously impressed! And 22 miles!?!?! Get it, girl!!! I’m amazed that you’ve got all this going on and you made time for a 22 miler. You’ve been so focused throughout your training that there’s no way you can’t succeed! I’m just so excited for you! So many good things happening in your life right now. XOXO

  6. 22 miles!! You are a rockstar! So proud of you! You are focused, prepared and ready to rock! You will be great with your marathon…your house…and everything else!

  7. 22 MILES!!!

    I mean, really at this point, make your training runs a priority so that you can just go out and get them done. That’s really the key to all of this. If you knock them off right away (in the morning or after work), that will free up the rest of your time to not be thinking about them and accomplishing.

    You are SO close lady!

  8. Way to turn things around! I know first hand that housework starts off invigorating and then the next thing you know you’re crying in Home Depot because every orange apron knows you by name. Hang in there, it will be worth the reward.

    HOW sweet are your friends!! That cup is absolutely precious. Every ounce of support is helpful and it sounds like you had a killer run! YEA!!

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