26.2 Reasons I am Psyched for the Kalamazoo Marathon

  1. This is my hometown! I know the course like the back of my hand. I am so excited to run the streets of my city.
  2. I have had my eye on this jacket for months…after Sunday I will earn it!
  3. Two words: Runners High.
  4. Two more words: carb loading!
  5. I have trained with an amazing group, Team Transformers, and I am so excited to be crossing the same finish line as them:
  6. There is going to ‘music by the mile’. Everything from country, rock and blues bands, a church choir, and a DJ. I doubt I will even need my iPod! 
  7. There are 15 excitement zones along the course. 15! Noisemakers, cowbells, signs, crowd support, bands, and even yummy snacks (and beer!).
  8. Speaking of beer, The Kalamazoo Marathon has its own official beer. How cool is that? Finish line cheers?!
  9. There are over 1500 volunteers who are coming out to support the runners! Amazing! And not just any volunteers. These supporters are PUMPED and ready to cheer their heart out.Source.
  10. Expo fun. A lot of people find expos to be a hassle, but I LOVE them. All things running with fellow running lovers…sign me up! Plus, I am all about freebies :-)
  11. The bling. I will sleep in this baby Sunday night.
  12. There is a morning worship service held right before the race. I think that is a perfect opportunity to give thanks to God for being *able* and healthy to run the race laid out before me.
  13. The weather is supposed to be nice! They are calling for partly cloudy (but dry!) and a high of 72 degrees. Sounds good to me!
  14. I have a slight love affair with compression socks and I recently bought these hot pink ones from CEP Compression as a marathon treat to myself. I am so excited to slip these on while I am recovering from race.
  15. After the race ‘Tent City’ will be hopping! Plenty of food (catered by some of Kalamazoo’s yummiest restaurants), beer, and a band. A perfect spot to celebrate.
  16. Free runner tracking is available so that my ‘pit crew’ will be able to find me easily on the course.
  17. I bought these Lululemon shorts specifically so that I could rock them on marathon day. Let the rocking begin!
  18. Banked calories. I will burn 2000+ calories and I plan to spend them on delicious eats like a german chocolate blizzard from Dairy Queen and some yummy nachos from my favorite pub.
  19. There will be plenty of water and Gu on the course so I will not have to stress about carrying enough. Lots of aid stations are a race day dream.
  20. An instant PDR!
  21. Even though I might not use it much with all of the excitement zones and music along the course, my iPod is updated with all sorts of pump-me-up jams.
  22. Borgess sponsors this race and it has been such a pleasure to train with the Borgess Run Camp. I am so excited that I will be starting and finishing the race at their lovely campus.Source.
  23. My best friend Esther and my handsome hubby have been forced volunteered to be my very own personal cheerleaders. They are both runners and know what an  important task this is and they have promised to deliver big time.
  24. “I just ran a marathon” will be a great excuse for me to take it easy at work on Monday ;-)
  25. The cherry on the sundae, icing on the cake. I have had a BLAST training for this marathon. I hope know that the race will be awesome, but I really believe that the best part of the whole journey to the marathon is the training. All of the miles and hours on the road leading up to Sunday is where I grew as a runner and have had some of my favorite memories to date.
  26. To be living my dream. I never thought that I would be able to run a marathon, but once I started believing that it was possible I worked very hard to make this dream come true. I am so happy that this Sunday I will be able run my heart out knowing that dreams can come true if you put in the time, dedication, and work.

And of course, I just have to have reason .2…..and that would be that I can finally add this next to my 13.1 sticker on my fridge:

What makes YOU excited about racing?!

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8 thoughts on “26.2 Reasons I am Psyched for the Kalamazoo Marathon

  1. Go girl! I can feel the excitement thru your blog post. I love those compression socks and that Flo Rida song! You are going to DOMINATE that 26.2 this weekend girlfriend! Rock it out! GOOD LUCK to you!! :-D

  2. Ahhhh your energy and excitement are SO contagious and inspiring. I cannot WAIT to hear how this goes for you – it’s going to be amazing. Thinking of you SO MUCH this weekend!!! <3

  3. I love your 26.2 reasons! And dude, eat a blizzard for me too? I think you’ve earned it already! Will be sending you happy run vibes!!

  4. 27. Because you’ve shared your amazing journey with so many others and everyone will get to see your hard work pay off!

    A jacket and beer? Hold on, I’m running with you:)

    You are going to be aces sweets! Cannot wait to hear the race report!

  5. Lady, I have been thinking about you all weekend – I can’t wait to hear how your first marathon went! I am so incredibly proud of all of the work you put into this race and have beyond LOVED following your training. You are an inspiration to ME!

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