Race Eve

Tomorrow morning I will set out to run my third half marathon, The Portage Winter Blast.winterblast

On one hand I feel ready to tackle 13.1 miles. I have had some solid, faster runs lately that have helped boost my confidence that just maybe a PR is within reach.

On the other hand, I have not had that many longer runs under my belt this training cycle. I was hoping to get at least one solid 13 mile run in, but the most I went was 12 and that was a few weeks ago.

And then there is the fact that this is the WINTER BLAST half marathon. Tomorrow’s temps will sure not disappoint the name of the race: weather

A whopping 12 degrees at the start….ouch! Good thing that I trained in some crazy conditions :-)

winter training

So here I am, on race eve. The training is behind me. My overnight oats are soaking, my bib is pinned, and my iPod shuffle is charged. I am ready as I can be. Now it’s time to go out there and see what race day will bring. Wish me luck!

Speedy, Redeeming Miles

Just when I get back to the blog and droned on about Winter Running, things start to ‘thaw out’ in Michigan. While my Sunday in Kalamazoo was snow covered and cold, my Monday was warm for Michigan and rainy. Image

Today we are expected to reach record highs of close to 60 degrees! Mind you this time last week we had NEGATIVE wind chills! To say that the weather can not seem to make up its mind is an understatement.

I knew that the Spring-like temps would not stick around for long so I laced up my running shoes last night for a quick three miler around my neighborhood.

Even though the run was short, it was just what I needed. I felt light, speedy, and I was down right giddy for the whole 27 minutes of being out on the road.

My last couple of runs prior to this one have almost felt like a chore. My legs felt heavy and sluggish, and the weather put a damper on my motivation. I was getting my running in, but without reaching the ‘runner’s high’ or even coming close to enjoying it.

And just when you start to think, “What am I even doing training anyways? This is not even fun….”


You have an amazing run that reminds you of WHY you put in the time, the sweat, and your heart into this little old thing called running.

I think what made this run a little more sweet for me was the fact that I was working hard to push myself (and felt pretty decent up until the last half mile!).

You see, I have never been a fast runner. I am a back-of-the-packer so to speak. While training for the marathon last year I saw my pace get slower and slower. I was okay with that. I was working on building my endurance and in my mind, that meant that my pace would have to suffer.

Now that I have my first marathon under my belt, I want to change gears and work on speed. While I was content with 11 minute miles for marathon training, I am not content with that for half marathon training. I am ready to aim for a PR.

To get faster, I need to run faster right?!

That’s why I am incorporating tempo runs and short speedy runs into my training. One run a week I go out for 3 miles and push myself to run outside of my comfort zone (which, as of late has been 10:30-11:30 minute miles).

I know it’s just for three miles, but am aiming for a sub 9:30 pace. I wanted to start small and work my way up. Hopefully by this Spring I can hold this pace for four miles and then five.

Here is how it is going so far this training cycle:

Week One: 9:57 average pace per mile

Week Two: 9:23 average pace per mile

Week Three: Snow storm! Safety first! Skipped speedwork for a nice and easy run.

Week Four: 9:18 per mile

Yes, I know that for most runners this pace would not be speed worthy, but for me it represents hard work. I love seeing improvement and I hope that the trend continues. I am hoping that shorter, speedy runs combined with tempo runs and stride-outs will help me achieve the goal that I have for this year: a half marathon PR!

Another factor that made last nights run: MUSIC! I brought my iPod out of hibernation and when Missy Elliot’s ‘Music Makes Me Lose Control’ came on, I put that baby on repeat! Talk about an oldie, but a goodie! An awesome jam to run to :-)

What old school jam do you have on your iPod that brings out the speed in you?

As Chelsea mentioned on her blog yesterday, I am also a BIG fan of Outkast’s B.O.B.

Winter Training

I decided it was time to dust off the old blog and write a little bit about how my half marathon training is going. Last year this time I was knee-deep in marathon training. I was venturing into an unknown territory as far as mileage, running 15+ miles for the first time. Each week I pushed myself until I was oh-so-spent. In a word, marathon training was intense. I had to learn how to overcome not only the physical challenges, but the mental ones too of distance running. I also was learning how to properly fuel and the secrets to a speedy recovery. ImageThis time around, training with Borgess Run Camp for the third year, I feel a lot more prepared. I know which fuels work for me, I know a few things about recovery, and I have fallen in love with the ‘long run’.

Yep, I think I am getting the hang of how to tackle a Winter training season. And I must say, without the pressure of the ‘unknown’, I am a lot more relaxed than I have been in the past.

I am listening to my body and if I need an extra rest day like I did this past week, I take it (no guilt!).  I am making sure that I get in my tempo runs and one day of speedwork each week. I am also embracing the ‘long run’, making sure that I take it nice and slow and enjoy my miles.

I am hoping that this will all lead to a PR next month, but I am also keeping in mind that the weather might not be on my side.

This past week Winter came a knocking in West Michigan! Negative wind chills, lots of snow, and icy, unplowed roads do not make the best speedy running conditions. My dog seems to enjoy it, but I have been struggling out on the road!


I refuse to let the weather hold me back too much. I dress accordingly, slow down, watch my footing, and grin and bear it. I am saying a little prayer that race day will be nice and dry. Oh, and no wind chill! That’s the worst!

Training thru a harsh Winter is not easy, but there are a few tips that I have picked up over the past few years that have made it a little easier:

  • Don’t be afraid of the cold! If you are dressed properly it will make running in extreme cold much more manageable. Smartwool works great, as do layers and windbreakers.
  • Slow down! If the roads are too icy cross train instead or find a treadmill. Injuring yourself is not worth it.
  • Be seen! Rock the reflective gear and headlamps if you are going out after dark. Image
  • Run for time instead of distance. I took this route with this past Saturday’s long run. My original goal was 12 miles. I awoke that morning to snowy, unplowed roads. After the first mile I knew that it was going to be a tough run. It felt as though I was running in quick sand! I decided to turn off my GPS watch and run for time rather than miles. I figured that a little over two hours on the road would be a great run to build endurance. That ended up being 10 miles rather than 12 due to the conditions, but I felt as though I worked very hard for those miles, definitely harder than if I was to do 12 miles on a dry roads condition day. Sometimes it’s okay to have plan B, as long as you get out there and do your best.

I am three weeks out until the Winter Blast Half Marathon and despite the challenges of Winter training, I am feeling very good about this race. In the mean time I am trying to decide what other races that I want to add to 2013. I think that this will be the year of the half marathons for me!

What are your ‘Winter Blues’ training tips? What is your big race objective this year?

Off Season Running

I love training for a race. LOVE IT.

The long hours on the road. The compression. The carb loading. The high mileage. Recovery runs. Early mornings. The pain. The gain.

In fact, to say I am just a teeny-weeny jealous right now that I do not have a big race on the horizon would be a very fair statement. Part of me wishes that I would be towing the starting line at the Chicago Marathon this weekend, or even the Grand Rapids half marathon in a few weeks. But, alas, that will not be the case.

Right now my running is not of the training variety. My miles are just for me. For my health, my sanity, and for my ‘me’ time. And ya know what? I love off-season running too!

No pressure. No miles that I ‘need’ to hit. No pace that I need to focus on. GPS watch? Don’t even need that! I am just running for the joy of the run.

The plan is to keep running for the pure joy of it for the next few months. I am going to keep my mileage relatively low until I start Borgess Run Camp in early December. With the support of Run Camp I will train for The Portage Winter Blast Half Marathon, which is an inaugural race here in my hometown.

I have wanted a half marathon PR for sometime now. Actually, I will put it out there: I want to run a half in under 2:20. I KNOW that I have this in me! Of course, Michigan can be very snowy and icy in February, so I will also sign up for the Kalamazoo Half Marathon in May too as a back up plan.

So that is where my running ‘plans’ stand at the moment, enjoying the off-season while anticipating the training season that I will start up in December.

On another note, I finished reading Eat & Run today. Highly recommend!

I am neither vegan, nor an ultramarathoner (shocking, I know!), yet I still enjoyed this book and gained so much insight. As you can see from the picture above, I tagged all of my favorite quotes and passages to go back and read again later. This quote for example I have already read four times, nodding my head in agreement each read:

“It’s easy to get wrapped up in deadlines and debt, victory and loss. Friends squabble. Loved ones leave. People suffer. A 100-mile race — or a 5K, or a run around the block — won’t cure pain. A plate filled with guacamole and dinosaur kale will not deliver anyone from sorrow. But you can be transformed. Not overnight, but over time. Life is not a race. Neither is an ultramarathon, not really, even though it looks like one. There is no finish line. We strive toward a goal, and whether we achieve it or not is important, but it’s not what’s most important. What matters is how we move toward that goal. What’s crucial is the step we’re taking now, the step you’re taking now.”

Beautifully said.

What are some things that you enjoy about ‘off season’ running? What are some things that you miss?

What is your favorite running inspired book?

Mandy Moore Miles Please, A Tale of 22 Miles

Can I whine for a minute? Why yes I can. This is my blog after all. Ok. Here it goes.


Here is a piece of unsolicited advice:
When and if you train for your next marathon, do not buy a house that needs more face-lifts http://cookiesandcups.com/2-ingredient-pumpkin-brownies/than what Joan Rivers has.

Packing, refinishing hardwood floors, painting, taking a bazillion trips to Lowe’s and Home Depo, working 40+ hours a week, and fitting in all of your training runs is impossible tough. Eating a balanced meal when all of your pots and pans are packed away and you are trying not to buy any groceries so that have less things to move is impossible tough. Oh, and the act of actually moving…finding a day to take off from all said activities to move your entire life’s belongings from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ is …well… impossible tough.

{Insert Mental Breakdown Here}

When I am faced with anxiety and chaos I do several things:

1. Count my blessings

2. Take deep breaths

3. Acknowledge that it is just a season

and finally

4. Realize…

When life gets tricky, you just have to roll with the punches. For me, this meant skipping Run Camp on Saturday and moving my 22 mile (last long!) training run to Sunday. I was worried that without Run Camp’s support, I would not be able to pull off this run. Luckily two other runners from my group, Christine and Teresa, had to push their run back also so I had partners for my Sunday mission.

We set out at 8am sharp and decided to run 11 miles out on the Kalamazoo Kal-Haven trail and then turn around for our 11 miles back. I awoke that morning to lightning, thunder, and downpouring rain but it cleared up almost as on cue for our 8am departure time. Overcast, gray, and humidity took its place.

22 miles can not only be physically daunting, but mentally daunting as well. Even when you are in great running company. If it weren’t for two very awesome friends of mine, Rachel and Allison, surviving this run would have been a lot more challenging than it already was.

Rachel and Allison showed up every two miles for the full 22 mile run. They parked Rachel’s Land Rover and stood outside with the hatchback open offering gummy shark candies, gatorade, water, Gu, kleenex, and insane amount of moral support and cheering.

I may just name my unborn children after these two heroes of mine. For real. To wake up early the morning after their long 20+ mile run to come and cheer us on for hours…well, that is just a whole lot of selfless awesomeness in my book.

Rachel even had personalized water cups for each of us. I love mine. Even after my long 22 mile run, I have saved it to drink celebratory beer out of.

How could I have a bad run when I was being hydrated from this?!

Quick recap of my last LOOOOONG run before taper:

  • The first few miles were tough. It took a bit to adjust to the humidity and find my groove.
  • I was SUPER hydrated thanks to my hydration-station rock stars. In fact I had to pee not once, not twice, but three times. So maybe I was a tad too hydrated.
  • My new shoes are finally a perfect fit! I wore them and my feet thanked me.
  • Pain reliever at mile 11 was a great idea.
  • I ran the first 11 miles and then Galloway-ran the last 11. Still not sure what I will do on marathon day, but I most likely will incorporate this method for a good part of the race.
  • Valuable lesson learned: Body Glide can sweat off. Ouch!
  • Was I sore when I finished? Yes. Did I feel like I still had 4.2 miles in me? Yes. Maybe. We will see on May 6th.

Overall, I felt pretty solid and strong and I am happy that I went ahead and did a 22 mile training run verses the 20 mile run that the training plan called for. I think it is a mental thing. I did not use my GPS for pace, but instead set it to distance. I wanted to take the time pressure off and run by feel. Maybe I just did not want to get discouraged with my time like I did on my 20 mile training run. This run the victory was strictly in the distance.

That’s a wrap on my weekend long runs! I have 10 on the agenda this Saturday, 6 next Saturday, and then it is race time. 17 days people!!!

Now if only I can fit in time for my weekday training runs. And they said taper would be hard…

Tips and tricks for balancing life and training? Leave me a comment!

The Time Where I Ran 20 Miles and Did Not Die

Ever since I began training for the Kalamazoo Marathon, the date April 7th stuck out to me in all of its blinding glory. On the seventh day of April, I would attempt a 20 mile training run. Back in December, when running anything over a half marathon frightened me, this run seemed unreachable, haunting even.

Of course, you don’t jump into running 20 miles. No. That would be frightening and haunting. Instead you work yourself up to it gradually. That is what I did. 14 miles, 15, 16, ect. Week by week, tacking on a little more. When I hit sixteen miles, I began to gain confidence and realization that the marathon was within my reach.

Which brings me to Saturday. I woke up so ready to tackle my longest training run to date. I was borderline ecstatic to get outside and run! There was just this overwhelming feeling of feeling able and confident that I could do it.

I met up with my wonderful team, The Transformers, and we set out around 8 am. Half of my group was planning on 18 miles and a few of us were going 20. The plan was to run 9 miles out with them, turn around, run 9 back as a group, and then the three 20 mile runners would add-on two miles at the end. Got all that?! Great plan, lots of energy, and we were off!

The weather was cool to start, in the high 30’s, but warmed up quite a bit over the hours that we were out there. I dressed in layers and by the end was rocking a tank top. Gotta love Michigan.

We decided to try the Galloway Method again since it worked so well for us on our 18 mile training run. 9 minute run, 1 minute recovery for 20 miles. The first 6 miles flew by. We all had lots to catch up on and so we chatted the miles way.

We ran the actual marathon course which was both good and ugly. Good because we get an idea of what we are up against on race day. Ugly because we are up against some crazy hills. It actually was not that bad, but we hit the hills on miles 6.5 and 8. On race day we will be hitting them on mile 20.5 and 22. We might not think they are ‘not so bad’ then.

We definitely took our time and had lots of fun on this run. I never felt like I was pushing myself too hard and we kept a nice and easy pace. Before we knew it we were at the 9 mile turn around point.

After the turn around it we cruised along for a bit due to the fact that we were now going down the hills that we had just worked so hard to come up. I did not set my GPS on this run, and decided to go by feel, not numbers. And overall I felt great! I stayed plenty hydrated and fueled, something that I am good at :-) I need to have a happy belly! I had a few sports beans, half a cliff bar, and two Gu gels over the course of 20 miles. And of course I stopped at all of the water stops:

Before I knew it we were closing in on 18 miles and it was time to drop off a few of our teammates. Only two miles to go. My running buddies Christine and Rachel were my partners in crime going for the big 2-0 with me.

The first mile was up hill which was mentally and physically tough at this point in the run. We talked ourselves thru it, but it seemed like a really loooong mile. When we hit mile 19 though we all had big, cheesy grins on our face. We were totally running 20 freakin’ miles for the first time EVER! And we were going to live to tell about it!

Wrapping up the run was pure elation. We did it! It was awesome! Watch out Kalamazoo Marathon, the Transformers are ready to roll run out!

We spent the next 20 minutes stretching and reliving our glory. Oh, and eating bagels!

I would like to say that I felt nothing but sunshine and rainbows for the rest of the day, but sadly (or pathetically on my part) that was not the case. Even though I told myself time and time again that I would not get hung up on numbers or time, I decided to do some math in my head to estimate how long it took me to tackle this run and it was not pretty.

I just felt in my heart that I can do better. Come race day, whether I come in first (haha!) or last, I want to know that I gave it my all. I want to know in my heart that I did not leave anything out there on that course. Make sense?

I want run a race that I can be proud of.

I have one more long run to go before taper and I plan to give it 110%. Even though I can get a little discouraged time and again (don’t we all!), am trying to keep in mind what my original race goals were:

Goal #1: To start and complete the Kalamazoo Marathon on May 6th, 2012.

Goal #2: Have fun and stay injury free! (Ok, so maybe that is two goals!)

I think that I am on my way to doing that!

Do your race goals change as your training progresses? Do you write down your goals as a reminder to yourself?

Training For a Marathon Is No Joke

Um, what the hell happened to Spring? One minute it was winter. I was running in snow, wind, and ice…

And then all of a sudden it was straight up summer!

It is 9 o’clock at night and still 79 degrees…and we hit 89 degrees today people! IN MARCH! IN MICHIGAN! What is going on?!

Needless to say I have had to adjust my running routine just a bit. You know, dress in less and carry more water. But I am keeping on, keeping on!

Monday I ran five…

And last night I rocked out 10 miles….

I came home from my run last night, looked my husband square in the eye, and said:

“Training for a marathon is no joke.”

It is so rewarding. I am having more fun than I ever dreamed that I would be. And I am beginning to believe that 26.2 is attainable. Like hey, I might actually pull this baby off!

But I am also noticing that my body is feeling tired, heavy. It is taking me a good two or three miles each run to warm up. Until then my legs feel like lead. And my calves are always so tight! Thank God for my new BFF…

We spend a lot of lovely time together.

This week I have really began to notice how training is kind of taking over my life. It is dominating my schedule….

It is dominating my diet. I am constantly craving protein! Chicken, peanut butter, and eggs please!

It is dominating my thoughts. You would not believe how often I think about race day….I think about what I should wear, the weather that day, the ‘wall’. You know, all the things that I can control and can not control.

How else do I know that training for a marathon is no joke?

  • I will be going thru two pairs of running shoes this training season.
  • I am reading fewer books and watching less TV because I am spending most of my ‘free’ time out on the road.
  • I almost used body glide as deodorant. Thank goodness I took a second look.
  • I have never hydrated this much in my life. Ever.
  • I have not thought about a gym in months. The road has become my gym.
  • Pasta has become a main food group in my house.
  • I keep Bayer aspirin handy at all times (thank you knee pain).
  • I have spent more money on fuel (Gu, nuun, and sports beans) these last few months than wine.
  • Dude, I took a bath. In ice. By choice.
  • Random people I work with have made it a habit to ask me how many miles I ran last night and then shake their head in disbelief when I tell them.
  • Running ten miles sounds easy now.

I am coming into April and it is the most critical time in my training. The ‘no joke’ stage. I am ready. I am here to give it my all, 100%. Now if only we can rewind back to Spring so I can enjoy some nice 50 degree weather runs!

When have you noticed that you have come to the ‘no joke’ stage of your training? Are you having a unseasonabley warm Spring where you live?

17 Miles for March 17th

Good things are happening! I had an amazing weekend, and I hope that you all did too :-)

Quick Recap:

After being held down last week with the nasty crud-bug, I woke up Saturday feeling like a brand new woman. Rested and feeling healthy again, I was itching to run. I met up with my run group with the mindset of taking it easy and seeing how I felt, then just go from there.

A few miles in, I was feeling pretty darn good! I knew that despite taking almost all of last week off, I had 17 miles in me for sure.

The temps were in the high 50’s when we started out at 8am, but they rose quickly into the upper 70’s. I made sure to stay plenty hydrated, but boy was I warm! The first 12 miles were pretty good, but as the sun got higher in the sky I began to slowly deteriorate. My body rebelled! Mentally I was in the game, and I felt that I had the energy, but my legs did not want to function! They kept cramping up and my left knee screamed with pain. I was happy when I finished and after lots of stretching and my first ever ice bath, I felt a lot better.

This was a tough run for me. The last four miles were brutal. I told myself to focus and to stay in the game. I kept thinking of race day and how I would have to overcome the wall and fatigue to make it to the finish. Visualizing the marathon and my goal definitely helped me push myself to finish this run. Even though this was not my favorite run physically, I did like that my head and heart stayed in the game. It made me that more excited for May 6th!

After an ice bath (I am now a firm believer!) and a quick lunch, it was time for some St. Patty’s Day celebration. Joe and I met up with some friends for a mini pub crawl and a yummy dinner.

After being on my feet all day I was so ready for bed at 11 pm! Besides, I needed my rest because I had plans to visit my niece on Sunday in Ann Arbor.

Charlie is out of the hospital (yay!), but is staying close to her team of doctors at the Med Inn (a hotel connected to the hospital) because she is not quite out of the woods yet. She was in good spirits yesterday showing off her teeth :-)  

To top off my weekend, my team made it to the sweet sixteen! Go Spartans, go! This years March Madness has been exactly that - MADNESS! So many upsets and close games.  A big congrats to the Green and White for pulling out the W!

It was a really good weekend, but now I am putting my game face on for this week! I am so happy to be feeling better and I am hoping to get back in the swing of things with my training runs.

How did you spend your weekend? Did you drink any green beer or run any St. Patty’s day races?

Sweet Sixteen

If you are wondering where I have been this past week, let me just say that it has been crazy-town here and I have been trying to stay afloat! I will spare you all of the details, but here is a quick recap:

  • My niece Charlie was home from the hospital for all of two days before she got a virus. She was rushed back to Mott’s Children’s Hospital via ambulance where she is still recovering.
  • I worked one of my busiest weeks ever at my job where I billed a record amount of jobs. (I do invoicing for a printing and color work company and the first week of the month is always the craziest. This month it was crazy on steroids.)
  • Joe and I are in the process of buying a house! We have been meeting with our realtor, mortgage broker, an inspector and appraiser trying to get everything squared away. I am not sure either Joe and I will be able to rest easy until we close on this house!

With all of this going on it was challenging to squeeze in my runs last week. Here is what I managed:

Monday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 9 miles
Saturday: 16 miles
Total: 29 miles

Not too shabby with all of life’s twist and turns, but I wish that I could have squeezed in a 6 mile run on Thursday. *sigh* Such is life!

Let’s talk about Saturday though, because 16 miles is my new personal distance record! This past summer when I did my long runs I pushed myself really hard and would often end up extremely fatigued in the last few miles and unable to function the rest of the day because I would be so sore. My run coaches this training session are emphasising  slowing down on our long runs and this has made a huge difference in how I feel!

I have been running my shorter mid-week runs around 10 minute miles. For the Saturday long run, my coach says to slow that pace by a minute. These long runs are supposed to be easy and done at a conversational pace. I have been following that advice this training cycle and it has made the miles enjoyable and do-able!

I start out each Saturday with overnight oats made with vanilla soy milk and a glass of water with a nuun tablet. I am also stopping every two miles on the course for a drink of water (I feel that this might seem a bit excessive, but Run Camp has water stops every two miles so I always feel the need to stop, if even for a quick sip.) This week I took one Gu pack at 4 miles, some sports beans at 8 miles, and half of a cliff bar at 12 miles. I am still in the experimental stage with my fuel, but this worked really well for me this week.

Overall I felt really good on this run. My legs felt strong for the first 12 miles or so and then a dull ache started in my problem knee. (I do wear a support strap around that knee for my longer runs.) It was nothing unbearable and it did not alter my pace at all.

Despite the very windy last few miles, I finished strong. After a long shower, I ate a quick lunch and headed out for a day full of shopping and errands. My knee pain went away and my legs felt fine. Sixteen mile success!

I definitely feel that my confidence is increasing with the miles. Each week I gain a little bit more and I think, “Maybe I will be able to pull of this marathon afterall!”

How often do you stop for water on your long runs? What is your favorite fuel?

A Tale of Two Runs

I am very busy at work and have been trying to play catch up all day! *Deep Breath*  I wanted to check in real quick and tell you how training is going so far this week. Let’s call this the ‘Tale of Two Runs’ shall we.

Speedy Does It:

Monday night I set out for five miles and this is what happened:

I have been averaging 11 minute miles, but I was antsy to run all day on Monday and by the time I laced up my shoes after work I was ready to push myself.

I worked for this pace and it felt so good to look down at my watch when I had finished to see that my hard work paid off. I am so excited to add more speed work into my routine (especially after the marathon when I begin to train for my half marathon). Could I do this run with a 9:30 pace?! I think that I will put that goal out there!

She’s Going the Distance:

Last night I had 10 miles on the agenda, and I wanted a little company for this one. I met up with two of my running group buddies, Amy and Becky, and we set out a little before 6pm. 10 miles would be a mid-week run record for me.

We kept the pace slow, but steady (around 11 minute miles) and tackled lots of hills on our route. Taking on hills is real important to our training because the Kalamazoo Marathon course is full of them.

We kept a nice conversation going the whole time and before we knew it we were finished.

Two very different training runs in the book. Both felt solid and gave me a little confidence boost after last Saturday’s painful run.

I did not run today, but did cover a few miles of walking with the pup. Tomorrow I hope to have an easy run and then gear up for Saturday, or as I like to call it, Run Camp Nation day:-)

I know this post is kinda boring….no pics and just me rambling about my training runs. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. I owe ya something! How about a link to the cutest website EVER!?! 

It’s called Attack of the Cute and I promise that you will not be disappointed. Unless fuzzy cute animals are not your thing, and in that case I am not sure if we can be friends….

How is your training going this week? Are you a cat person or dog person? I love ALL animals, but I am a doggy person for sure ;-)