Final Countdown…

In four days I will run a marathon. Did you hear me?!


Sorry for shouting, but I am so very, very excited. I am walking around with the stupidest grin on my face that I can not wipe off. That excited :-)

Last week I was so busy with moving that I was not really feeling the effects of tapering. Now that I am all settled in my new home and getting back into the swing of a normal schedule, I am noticing a very big chunk of my routine is missing: my long runs. Yep, I am officially feeling the taper side effects:

I am antsy, hyper, and doubting the taper with every fiber of my being. 

I am itching to lace up my shoes and just RUN….fast and far.

But that is not what the plan calls for. The plan said I could run four miles last night and four miles tomorrow. But today I rest. Or walk. Blah.

*Trust the taper. Trust the taper. Trust the taper*

So instead of dwelling on not running, I have plenty to keep me occupied. For one, helping clean up the marathon course. I volunteered last Thursday night to pick up trash along the marathon route with my lovely run group, Team Transformers. We want our town looking all spiffy and pretty-like for all of the out-of-town runners who will be seeing Kalamazoo for the first time.


And you know, I could unpack the 400 boxes that are currently sitting in my new livingroom, but I would much rather stalk the weather channel for race day predictions:

I am not going to panic quite yet about the possible thunderstorm, but I am saying a silent prayer every chance I get that rain stays at bay. 

I am also picking out my race day outfit, drinking as much water as a camel, and going to bed early every night…trying to be as prepared as I can for Sunday.

If you would have told me two years ago that I would run a marathon, I would not have believed you. Really because I never believed in myself. But somewhere along the line I took a chance. It felt good to see results. I soon fell in love with this little thing called running. It took a hold of me.  I put in the time, work, and dedication.

Bottom line: I am beyond ready for Sunday.

26.2, I am coming for you!