Sprinter - Feels like spring, but the calendar says that it is in fact winter.

Southwest Michigan is getting spoiled so far this season!  It has been unseasonably warm in the mitten state with the current temperature in the 50 degree range. Usually this time of year we are around the 20 degree range, so we are absolutely loving these Spring time temps.

I have yet to bust out my yaktrax and my winter boots and ice scraper for my car are currently collecting dust. I have been running with only long sleeve tech shirts, leaving the coat at home. It has been nice. But I am no fool. I know that this has to be the calm before the storm. There is in fact a storm heading our way. Today is supposed to be the last day of Sprinter before the ugly old man Winter comes back to claim his throne.

Tonight I am meeting up with my run group for one last hurrah before the snow hits. One last run without my coat, face gator, and  yaktrax. By this weekend, we might be back to this:

Yuck! I am not ready.

How is your winter training going? Do you run outside no matter what the conditions are?

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7 thoughts on “Sprinter

  1. Oh wow, that’s a lot of snow! I don’t know if I could deal with all that stuff on the ground while I’m running, I would have to be very careful as I’m very clumsy! I’m glad you guys are having a nice “sprinter” up there though!

    Winter here has been very mild here in the TX, temps in the 50s most days…sometimes getting up in the 60s which has been lovely! It has been perfect running weather indeed. I am bracing myself for the winter weather.

  2. Ugh, it’s sooo warm here too in Orlando but I’m not loving it. I want the 50 degree temps that you have right now. Soooo perfect for running. We have a cool front this weekend, so *fingers crossed*. I need to bust out my scarves. :-)

  3. I was *just* thinking about this! I have to do 16 miles on Saturday, and I might be too wimpy to do it outside. Somehow, the idea of spending 2 hours on the treadmill sounds much better than outside in the freezing cold. Is that totally nuts???

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