Summer Happenstance

Summer is underway.

I am not sure what I had envisioned this summer to be, but I have spent the first bit of it without a plan. No rhyme, no reason. Just leaving it to happenstance.

Let’s talk running.

After the marathon I tacked my first 10K and then I ran my second half marathon on June 9th, the Ludington Lakestride Half-Marathon. 

The awesome thing about this event was that my 11-year-old niece Gracie ran her first 5K race ever and then was there to cheer me on at the finish of my half. She did AWESOME and rocked a 31:57 time!

After coming off of the marathon, I did not have super high hopes for this race, but I was secretly wishing for a PR. The first five miles were promising and I thought that a personal best might happen. And then I hit the ‘trail’ portion of the race.

I am going to be honest, I did not really read over the course description. Had I, I would have noticed that this course takes you on a trail for two miles. And by trail I mean a narrow dirt path thru the woods. Tree roots kept me hyper alert in fear of tripping and the soft sanded areas made me work extra hard for a much slower pace.

I have never ran on trails before in my life. This was all new to me. It was challenging and exciting, but did not really help contribute to my PR dreams.

By the time I got off of the trail I was spent. Oh, and did I mention that I forgot to bring fuel. Big mistake. HUGE. I was nearly out of gas by mile eight.

Luckily the rest of the course was beautiful, flat, and was right along Lake Michigan. I focused on all of those positive things and trucked along. Finally at mile10 they were handing out hammer gel. I have never been so relieved to down the nasty, gooey goop in my life!

After the gel kicked in I picked up the pace again and was able to pass many people. I ended up with a whopping 1 minute PR and a final time of 2:27:35. Does that even count?! Hey, I will take it.

After that race, I began to feel burned out.

What’s a runner to do when she loses her mojo?

Volunteer of course!

Joe and I decided to offer our services to our hometown 5 & 10k, The Kalamazoo Classic. If you ever want to feel inspired, volunteer at a race! It felt so good to give back to the sport that I love so much.

My duty was to collect the racers timing chip after they crossed the finish line. It was so awesome to see the more elite athletes cross, the first time racers, the moms pushing strollers, and even the older gentleman who walked the 5K with a walker. Seeing each runner give their all as they crossed the finish line was such an inspiration. I hope to volunteer at many more races in my future.

I was ready to go out and conquer running again, but then the Heatwave of 2012 hit and all of my running dreams came to a screeching halt. To all of you runners who thrive in hot, humid weather, God bless ya. I am the opposite. I wilt.

So as the temps crept toward and then surpassed the 100 degree mark, I decided that it was the perfect time for a much-needed running hiatus. Two weeks to be exact. And although I thought about running from time to time during my break, I never really missed it. I knew that when I was ready again that it would be there waiting for me.

On Monday, July 9th out of nowhere the urge came. I was ready to lace up my shoes again. I missed training. I missed early morning runs, tempo shorts, and carb loading. Two short weeks was all the break that this heart could handle. I NEEDED to run again.

I set my alarm for 5:30 am the next morning. I set out all of my clothes the night before. I was actually giddy to get up and run.

My legs felt surprisingly good and my body felt surprisingly awake. My mojo was back.

So here is the plan: Fall half-marathon. PR. I am going to throw it out there, I want a 2:20 half-marathon time LIKE WOAH. That means I need to shave seven minutes off of my time.

No running happenstance here. I will have to plan, work hard, and give my goal 100% dedication.

I have yet to decide on which half that I will do, but I have it narrowed down to a few options. I might even shoot for two races incase one does not go as planned.

So that is what has been going on running wise.

Life wise: happenstance.

My mom began hospice last week so right now I am trying to make the almost three-hour drive to visit her as much as possible. Luckily there have been many celebrations such as birthdays and graduations that have brought the whole family together to cherish the time that we have with my mom.

Today is my mothers birthday even! I am so happy that she is here to celebrate with us. To be honest I am just not emotionally ready to lose this amazing woman yet….but that is a door that I will not open today…

In good news guess who is almost walking?!

Charlie is growing and doing great. Praise God! She will be taking off before we know it. Future runner? ;-)

The house is coming along. Joe and I are staying busy with projects, but we are also making time to enjoy the beach, go boating, or walking the Rogan pup.

Speaking of huskies, Joe sent this to me today. I literally laughed out loud.

Touche’ pup, touche’.

How is your summer going? Are you flying by the seat of your pants or do you have a jammed packed schedule? Any fall races on the horizon?

17 Miles for March 17th

Good things are happening! I had an amazing weekend, and I hope that you all did too :-)

Quick Recap:

After being held down last week with the nasty crud-bug, I woke up Saturday feeling like a brand new woman. Rested and feeling healthy again, I was itching to run. I met up with my run group with the mindset of taking it easy and seeing how I felt, then just go from there.

A few miles in, I was feeling pretty darn good! I knew that despite taking almost all of last week off, I had 17 miles in me for sure.

The temps were in the high 50′s when we started out at 8am, but they rose quickly into the upper 70′s. I made sure to stay plenty hydrated, but boy was I warm! The first 12 miles were pretty good, but as the sun got higher in the sky I began to slowly deteriorate. My body rebelled! Mentally I was in the game, and I felt that I had the energy, but my legs did not want to function! They kept cramping up and my left knee screamed with pain. I was happy when I finished and after lots of stretching and my first ever ice bath, I felt a lot better.

This was a tough run for me. The last four miles were brutal. I told myself to focus and to stay in the game. I kept thinking of race day and how I would have to overcome the wall and fatigue to make it to the finish. Visualizing the marathon and my goal definitely helped me push myself to finish this run. Even though this was not my favorite run physically, I did like that my head and heart stayed in the game. It made me that more excited for May 6th!

After an ice bath (I am now a firm believer!) and a quick lunch, it was time for some St. Patty’s Day celebration. Joe and I met up with some friends for a mini pub crawl and a yummy dinner.

After being on my feet all day I was so ready for bed at 11 pm! Besides, I needed my rest because I had plans to visit my niece on Sunday in Ann Arbor.

Charlie is out of the hospital (yay!), but is staying close to her team of doctors at the Med Inn (a hotel connected to the hospital) because she is not quite out of the woods yet. She was in good spirits yesterday showing off her teeth :-)  

To top off my weekend, my team made it to the sweet sixteen! Go Spartans, go! This years March Madness has been exactly that - MADNESS! So many upsets and close games.  A big congrats to the Green and White for pulling out the W!

It was a really good weekend, but now I am putting my game face on for this week! I am so happy to be feeling better and I am hoping to get back in the swing of things with my training runs.

How did you spend your weekend? Did you drink any green beer or run any St. Patty’s day races?

Embrace Your Pace

I am a slow runner. When I tell some people this I often get in reply, “Well you can’t be any slower than me, I only run a 10 minute mile.” Well actually, a 10 minute mile is me on a fast day, thankyouverymuch.

Sometimes when I tell people my pace they look confused. I actually had someone tell me, “But you are thin and have long legs….are you sure that is as fast as you can go?!” Yep. I am sure.

I run 11 minute miles and I AM OK WITH THAT!

Really I am!

I often hear comments and read posts in the blog world about what constitutes a ‘real runner’. How if you run anything over a 10 minute mile you are just a ‘jogger’ or not a ‘serious runner’. Well I have one thing to say to that: Bull Shit!

I am very serious about my running. It is a huge part of my life. I devote hours to it each week. I invest a good chunk of my paycheck to running. It is something my body and soul crave. Running is a part of me.

That was not always the case. A few years ago I was clueless when it came to running. It was not until I trained for and ran my very first 5K in the spring of 2010 that I realized how amazing and rewarding running could be. It took me 37 minutes to complete that 5K. Yep, you read that right - 37. Last summer I ran a 5K in 29 minutes. I shaved 8 minutes off of my time. I worked hard, I improved.

As a runner, that is all I want to keep doing. Work hard, improve. My goal for running is to be the best runner that I can be. And to enjoy running. I never want running to become a chore. If it does, I will hang up my asics. Enjoying running for me is to set goals, work hard, relish the results, and have fun training.

Running an 8 minute mile is not the goal for me at this point. My goal is to start and finish a marathon healthy. I do not care if I come in last place. I just want to finish healthy.

My goals change with each race or training cycle.

After my marathon I would like to work on speed a bit. I would like to run a half marathon in 2:25. That would give me a PR. (Yes, I know some runners would die if that was their time, but what sweet victory it would be for me!)

You see, what I love about running is that we are all running our own race! My goals are not your goals. Your goals are not mine. We all have a race in us. Your race might be about pace, it might be about starting, it might be about finishing, it might be about negative splits, it might be about having fun, it might be about a PR. The key is to discover what you are working toward or why you run and keep that goal in mind. Do not let anyone tell you that you are not good enough or fast enough because YOU ARE!

My pace might be your worst nightmare. Maybe you are just starting out running and an 11 minute mile might seem out of reach. Either scenario is fine and if I could give you one piece of advice it would be to embrace your pace. If you are pounding out 7 minute miles, that is AWESOME! Own it! If you are running a 12 minute mile, SWEET! You are out there moving! That is great!

If you are happy with your pace, keep on keeping on! It makes running that much more enjoyable. If you would like to get faster, I promise you that speed work and dedication go a long way. That is another great thing about running:

So to all you runners, no matter what your pace is, embrace it and if you have to remind yourself of one thing let it be this:

Have you ever felt insecure about your pace? How did you overcome this?

14 Mile Success

Oh Monday. We meet again and I am ready to take you on! I have some lovely miles on the agenda for tonight, and I am super antsy in the office chair today in anticipation.  The sun is shining, the temps unseasonably warm. Perfect day for a run. And after my stellar run on Saturday, I am hoping for an encore of running mojo. Please comply!

Let’s back up.

I had 14 miles on the agenda for Saturday morning, so Friday night I played it smart. (For once.) I ate a solid meal (thanks to the hubby) of garlic shrimp pasta in vodka sauce, grilled asparagus, and rosemary bread. I made sure lights were out by eleven so that I got a solid night of sleep, and I made sure that I went to bed hydrated from plenty of water  (NOT five beers).

Before we set out Saturday morning, we enjoyed some core strengthening as a group. Note to self: work on this!

Why hello there, core. Nice to feel ya!

We did all sorts of wonderful things like planks and leg lifts and any other technical exercise names that I can not think of off the top of my head. But I felt them. Oh, I felt them. Apparently I should be doing these a little more often than I have been. Note taken.

After all that jazz we headed out for our long run for the week of 14 miles. First we had to mug for the camera:

Nope. We are not dorks at all.

It took me a couple of miles to get into the groove, but once I did I loved this run! Maybe it was the warm for winter temps, maybe it was that I played it smart on Friday and I was plenty rested and hydrated, or maybe it was the fact that I had awesome company and convo. I think it was the combo of all of these things, but I would definitely call this run a success.

My knees feel a little sore around mile 11, but that much is expected. I am pushing myself and my body and it is learning to adapt. Recovery went pretty well too. I came home and rested for a bit after a yummy breakfast and then Joe and I ran several errands and met some friends for night out on the town. Hardly sore at all. Bouncing back quicker from these longer runs is sure sign that I am improving as a runner.

I am loving training and I hope that things continue to go well on my marathon journey. 76 days to go (but who is counting;-) !

A friend from my run group posted this article on her facebook page on 101 reasons to start running and I thought it was pretty great. I can relate to pretty much all of them, especially number 55 after my run on Saturday:

” Running is a great way to explore an area.
Whether you’re in your neighborhood or some remote destination, running is an excellent way to get to check out your surroundings.”

Despite living in Kalamazoo for about 13 years, we ran around a part of the town that I have never been before. It was so fun to discover new neighborhoods and streets. I am going to make it a point to find some more new routes to make some of my longer runs more interesting.

Before I let you go lace up your own running shoes, I wanted to share a quick update on Charlie. She has had a difficult recovery with this last surgery, but she is now awake and ready to heal.

We are hoping that she is finished with surgeries for at least a while, and she will be able to start recovering and hopefully go home in a few weeks. It has been a long, unpredictable journey with lots of highs and lows. Thank you for following along, praying with me and rooting for her all the while. You are the best and my heart is full with lots of love for you. I will continue to keep you updated and I hope that from here on out it will be good news followed by more good news :-)

Do you like exploring new routes on your long run or would you rather run what you know? What was one of the reasons that you started running?

2012 Goals

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. On Saturday morning I did eight beautiful, hilly miles with my Run Group before heading to Ann Arbor to visit my niece Charlie. She is recovering from her second heart surgery nicely and was even moved out of the ICU today and into her own private room. YAY! This is such good news! Thank you for all of your prayer, encouraging words, and thoughts. They are working! I will keep you posted on her progress.

I also spent some time this weekend thinking about and establishing some goals that I would like to work on and accomplish in 2012. We talked in Run Camp this week about the importance of setting goals, writing them down, and taking ownership of them. There is so much power and accountability in putting your goals in writing. So without further ado, here is what I would like to focus on this year:


  • To complete my very first marathon.  Boom! The Big One. The race that I have started training for. The race that scares me, excites me, and has been consuming my thoughts for the past year. 26.2, I am coming for you! I am not so much worried about time, but more about starting and finishing this race healthy. I have no idea what to expect, but I am so excited to work towards this goal and experience how the hard work will pay off.


  • PR a half marathon.  I already have a half marathon in mind (more on that later), and I am so excited to hopefully crush my current time of 2:28. I know that I have this in me. I love this distance and I am ready to see what I can do!
  • Run a 10k.  I have never ran a 10k and I would love to try one. Hey, an instant PR!


  • Incorporate more strength training into my lifeYep. I talk about this, but I need to DO IT!
  • Take a spin class.  My husband LOVES his spin class, I know that it is a great cross-trainer, and I have always wanted to try it out. No more excuses. This year, I am getting on that bike, dang it!
  • Have arms that I am proud of.  This is kinda vain and lame, but I want toned arms. BAD! I don’t care about flat abs and I like my legs (thanks to running!), but my arms….I want to tone them. I will. This year. Done.


  • Buy a house.  Joe and I have finally saved enough money and we have been looking high and low for our first home. We have yet to find ‘the one’, but I feel that we are getting close. We both would like this to happen soon so that we can fill it with little ones!
  • Find a church home.   Despite both of us having the same beliefs, Joe and I grew up with different religious backgrounds and we are having a hard time finding a church that fits both of us. Our plan is to start visiting more churches until we find one that we can call home.
  • Spend more time with loved ones.  If I have learned anything in the past year, it is that life is short and fragile. It is important not to get too caught up in work and routine, and to make sure that you are spending time with the people who matter the most to you. This year I want to spend as much time with my mother as possible. I want to finally take that honeymoon with my husband. I want to schedule more girl weekends with my bestest.

I know that each  of these goals are very attainable. They are all rather simple and uncomplicated, they just take focus and dedication. I am super pumped to see what this year has in store. I think that this year is going to rock. You know why?…..

…..St. Patty’s day is on a Saturday this year! That means that I can start drinking green beer earlier because I do not have to go to work. Score!

…..It’s an election year. That means we have the power to rock the vote and make changes!

…..Kalamazoo is experiencing an unseasonably warm winter. Not scraping ice off of my windshield is a major win!

…..Oh, and I AM RUNNING A MARATHON THIS YEAR! (Deep breath!)

What is one goal that you would like to accomplish in 2012?

Winter Plans and Spring Goal

Now that I am getting back into the swing of running I want to set some goals and make a running plan for the winter. I feel very blessed to be living in a town that absolutely LOVES and supports running, so coming up with an agenda for the winter was not too hard at all.

First up is a festive 5K run in early December to benefit our local Loaves & Fishes, which is an organization that provides food to the hungry. I am not a huge fan of 5K’s, but this is a non-competitive event that is more about the spirit of the season. Runners dress up in festive gear and then run through the Christmas lights of downtown Kalamazoo. I have heard from many people that it is super fun community event.


A little over a week after Run Through The Lights, Borgess Run Camp starts up. I am very excited about Run Camp…I mean, I am thinking about it constantly, dreaming about it literally, and stalking their website daily…that excited! I’m just so pumped to get back to training in a fun and supportive environment. In case you missed it or want to hear more about my love for Run Camp, you can check out the post where I poured out my love about it here.

I also plan to kick off the new year on the right foot with a 4.4 run to help support our local chapter of the Girls & Boys Club with annual John Daily Memorial One One Run. This run is held every year on New Years Day.


Then it is time to buckle down and train hard. So what am I specifically training for you ask? Well if you have been reading my blog for a while, you might know that I have one race in mind: The Kalamazoo Marathon.


After competing and falling in love with the Kalamazoo Half Marathon last year, I have had my eye on the coveted 26.2.  I have many doubts and fears and often wonder if I am crazy, but I also have a fire inside me that I just can not ignore. I am not sure if I have it in me, but I want to believe that I do and I am ready to give it my all to find out. The Kalamazoo Marathon is held on May 6th of next year and believe that with the help from Run Camp that I can and will be at that starting line. I get shivers just thinking about it!

What are your plans and goals for the winter? Any fun races on the horizon?

Set Backs, Change of Plans, and Preparing for Tomorrow

On October 16th, I had planned to run the Grand Rapids Half Marathon. I was excited to make this goal and I spent all summer preparing for a PR. I had a plan, I worked hard, and I really thought that this half marathon was in the bag.

Unfortunately, life does not always go as planned. Around the time of my wedding, my training began to slip a little. Life got real busy, real fast. Planning a wedding and all the festivities that entailed took up way more time and energy than I had originally planned for. When the wedding was over and I began to ante up my training, I began to have horrible knee pain in my left knee. My mileage took a nose-dive. It was too painful to put in the long miles. Then I found out that my mother has lung cancer, and for a couple of days there all I wanted to do was curl up and veg out.  My heart felt (still feels) broken.

I have taken the last week off of running to give my knee a rest. I have also allowed myself to take some downtime. No plans or training guides. No group runs or commitments. Just time to spend by myself and be.

I am not going to lie. It has been nice. I know that not only did my body need that rest, but my mind did too.

I am not sure where to go from here, but I do know that I am craving the routine of running and my body sure wants the stamina that I had this summer back. My last ‘long run’ was 14 miles and that was about a month ago. My mileage pretty much nose-dived after that and even though  I did lots of 3-4 mile runs in the past month, I feel as though I am nowhere near where I was. I want to get back to that place!

After taking this past week off, I was itching to get out of work today and lace up my running shoes. It was a BEAUTIFUL day in southwest Michigan! I also wanted to rock my new running shirt that came in the mail yesterday from Ali over at Ali On The Run. (She is a running rock star who is competing in her very first marathon this weekend! She is raising money for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.  If you have yet to- which I am sure that you have- visit her site, order one of these amazing shirts, and give her some love!)

After taking a whole week off, and not really running much in the last couple of weeks anyways, I decided to take it easy to see how the knee would hold up. I ran two miles and then walked two.

I noticed that my lungs need some work! I was huffing and puffing a few minutes into my run. The good news is though that my knee seems to be doing much better. YAY!

I am feeling confident that I will be back up to some solid long runs in no time. I do not think that I will be ready for the Grand Rapids Half Marathon in time though and I am ok with that (well kinda, I do have moments of frustration). Tomorrow I am going to research a couple of smaller races that I can do to help me get back on track.

Have you ever had a set back that kept you from a planned race or goal? How did you deal? 


Back to Blogging!

Hey friends! I am back and ready to blog! This past week has been nothing short of amazing. I wish that I had the words to convey how incredibly happy and blessed that I feel to finally wed my best friend, my love. I am ready to eat my words about not wanting a wedding, because the memories created that day will forever be cherished. It was truly the happiest day of my life.

Once I get all of my pictures back, I promise that I will bore you with all the wonderful details. But for now all I will say is that to me the day was perfect, and I would not have changed one thing.

With all of the excitement of the wedding, running has unfortunately taken the back burner. I am not going to sweat it too much. To be honest with you, my body is throwing up some protest. I am having knee and back issues. I am hoping both are minor aches and pains and they will work themselves out. I am taking some downtime and doing plenty of stretching. My goal is to get back in the swing of things within the next few days. I am hoping that by the end of next week I will be back to 100%.

Let’s start by taking a look back at my goals for the month of August:

  • Obviously, whether I like it or not, I need to finish that wedding to do list. SO. MUCH. LEFT. TO. DO! — SUCCESS! Everything turned out better than I could have imagined!
  • Keep up with the running, but add some strength training to my routine. I know that this is so important and I have been slacking in this department. This month I am going to put a major effort to strength train 3 times a week. — FAIL:-( I did do some strength training, but nowhere near my 3 times a week goal. I did rock the running department and I logged in 87 miles for the month of August.
  • Clean up my diet. So I kicked the soda habit. YAY! But I have been putting a lot of other junk in my body lately. I have good days, and I have bad days. Looking for more good days in August. — SUCCESS! I definitely felt that I ate better. I try to live by the 70-30 rule. Eat well 70 percent of the time, and don’t worry about the other 30 percent. A bowl of ice cream here or a burger there will not kill me. I DID start almost every morning with oatmeal and had a pop free month in August!

Now let’s look ahead! I can not believe that we are already 8 days into September! I have a few things that I want to feel accomplished in this month:

  • Stay injury free! I am praying that these aches and pains go away soon and I am back to my normal-healthy self! I am sure that if I was more successful in my strength training, I would not be in this boat. Let’s add that to the list AGAIN this month!
  • Get one more 13/14 mile run in before I start to taper down for the Fall Marathon.
  • BLOG MORE! Wedding season is over, so now I can have my life back! My goal is to blog more and read more of your blogs. Blogging = Accountability and Inspiration!
  • Sign up for a Fall half marathon. I am training, but have not officially signed up for the Grand Rapids Half Marathon. I just need to bite the $95 bullet and sign up already!

What are your goals for September? Are you signed up for any fall races?

When Was The Last Time That You Tried Something New?

On Friday night the manfriend and I were lucky enough to go see the amazing Sally Edwards speak on how to become a better runner. A little background on Sally: she is an author of more than 20 books and numerous articles on health and fitness. She has completed over 150 races and is the former holder of the master’s world record in the Ironman competition. Sally has won numerous marathons, 100 Mile Endurance runs, and the Race Across America Relay Division. She is now a 63-year-old entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and all around rock star.


I was really excited to see her speak because I have been eyeing up her new book, “Be a Better Runner”. We all know that my main goal as runner is to be the best possible runner that I can be.


Let me just say that if you ever get a chance to see her speak, GO! Besides being one smart cookie, the lady is funny, energetic, and beyond inspirational.

You know that wonderful activity that we all love called Cross-Training? Yep, Sally is the one who coined that word. Her love of running began before she even knew or thought there was a place for women in the sport. We can thank Sally for helping break many stereotypes and boundaries when it comes to women and running.

There are so many points that I can touch on from hearing her speak and I might take a few post to do so. One of my favorite parts of her talk was her “13 Lessons on Running” and my favorite lesson of those was trying something new.

Seriously ask yourself when was the last time that you tried something new?

Let’s face it, sometimes often our lives become comfortable and routine and before we know it, stale. It is so easy to get stuck in the rut of life. Challenging yourself to try something new can breath new life into you. And that my friends is an amazing thing.

When Sally conquered a goal, she did not stop and say, “Well I did that, now I can rest”. No siree. She said, “What else can I do? What else is there left to accomplish?”

When I thought about the last time I tried something new I thought about when I began training for my very first half marathon. It was hard. It was challenging. And it was one of the most rewarding things that I have done to date.

It would be easy to quit my running goals at the half marathon, but you know what? I know that I could do more, be better. I want to try a new challenge.

I have been thinking a lot about my goals and I have been asked a lot of questions as far as my plans for future races. Friends, coworkers, and family are picking up on the fact that I have been running, so naturally the number one question out of their mouths are “What are you training for?”

I’m going to admit it: This question is a little scary because once you say it out loud then you have to follow thru, right? It’s called accountability and I think that there is a lot of power in that.

I am ready to try something new. I am ready to believe in myself. I am ready to work hard. And I am ready to put my goals out there so that I feel accountable.

  1. Try and be faster: I want to run my fall half-marathon in under 2:20 minutes.
  2. Train for and Run the Kalamazoo 2012 Marathon
  3. One word: Shermanator I have been hearing about this race for years and it is starting to whisper to my heart. I have little experience in the biking and swimming department, but they are both sports that I do enjoy. I really want to merge my love of running with biking and swimming and compete in this race next year. Now talk about trying something new!

Ok faithful friends, I put my goals out there so feel free to hold me accountable at any time!

Now you tell me, when was the last time that you tried something new? What are your goals for your fitness future?

Things That Make Me Smile

Happy Wednesday! Today is a good GREAT day! Why, you ask? Because I have been a little crabby the last two days, and I decided today I was going to quit that. Crabby = no fun. A change in attitude can do wonders. Really.

Oh and there are a few other factor that are making me smile:

The Forecast:

Thank you Jesus! I see the 70′s in the near future. AMAZING running weather! I will take it please and thank you!

My Speed:

Ok, so most runners would cry if they had an average pace of 9:40 on a 3 mile run, because that is verrrrry slow in most runner’s books. But you know what? I run slow. I’m working on that. And an average speed of 9:40 is a VICTORY! Check it out…my last mile I ran in 9:02. See….that’s me working on improving my speed. (That’s also me almost dying. But I didn’t. I lived to tell about it.)

Hey Mama:

Love this song! Makes me happy. I hope it makes you smile too.

And finally….

The Kalamazoo Marathon 2012

The website is up and running and I am stalking visiting it every day! I am thinking that this is the one, THE MARATHON that I am ready for. Very exciting stuff! Registration is officially open and they are even doing a 50 State Challenge. You can find more information about that here.

Tell me, what made you smile today?